Your Sensitive Heart: A Creative Way to Protect

Sensitive hearts can benefit from using an emotional dampener - against the strong emotions of others.

A Sensitive Temperament Tip

Those with a sensitive temperament report a problem: getting lost in other people's strong feelings!

This comes up very often in therapy. Sensitive does not mean weak. It means a gift for picking up on subtlety and intensity of stimuli. This includes other people's emotional states. Your emotional radar picks up on strong emotions and makes you resonate with them - without your knowing.

A few years ago a great psychotherapist revealed to me her secret of dealing with this problem...since she had to meet day in / day out with lots of people dealing with intense distress.

Are you ready?

She imagined a dense protective fog that allowed her to sense someone's feelings but shielded, screened, slowed, in a word - dampened - the intensity of the negative emotions so that she could maintain a perfect balance of attuned yet detached.

This protected her from burnout. It can help you as well.

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Dr. Marcel Lanahan

Founder, Lead Clinician

Marcel is a Catholic therapist, husband, and father of five. He is dedicated to supporting fellow Catholics with guidance on their healing journeys.

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