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Guidance toward Inner Change
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Marcel Lanahan, LMHC, Catholic Psychotherapist

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Welcome. I'm Marcel, and I help fellow Catholics:

- work through stuck feelings and mindsets,

- process unresolved memories, and

- secure their hearts with the anchor of Hope  (Hebrews 6:19).

I offer a therapy experience that is:

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Go beyond surface coping to root causes and lasting inner change.

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Convenient & Secure

Attend therapy sessions by phone or secure video conference.


Receive ongoing and longer term support if needed.

Experience inner healing & conversion

“I'm realizing my own power, daughtership, and goodness."

"Ashley" had carried the weight of rejection and not being known. After some forgiveness work, she was able to let down an emotional wall and experience deeper sharing and vulnerability.  

"Ashley," age 24
Focus Missionary
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“I feel more in control, and yet ok with not being in control. This was exactly what I was looking for.”

"John" came to therapy looking for support breaking free of a sexual addiction. He was able to replace a cycle of over-control and acting out with a serene confidence handling difficult feelings.

"John," age 28
Working Professional
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“My whole life changed in an instant. It is ineffable how valuable that realization was.”

"Jane" came to a profound insight into what kept her from healthy boundaries with other women - a codependent relationship with her mother. She learned how to heal from enmeshment and tactfully resist it moving forward.

"Jane," age 32
Stay at Home Mother of Three
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Inner change occurs in 3 stages:

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Surface the Root Cause

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First, we explore the issue you want to work through. We pinpoint the mindset, mood, or behavior that feels off. Then we discover its origins, giving a special focus to when and how that particular response got "wired in."

Through experiential sensing and guided imagery, we unearth the unresolved places of the subconscious that drive the issue.

number 02


Shift the Unresolved to Resolved

image of X symbol being turned into a cross symbol to show resolution of disintegration to integration

Next, we shift whatever is unresolved to resolved. This is the core of inner work. It may involve meeting unmet needs, processing trauma, and integrating defenses.

Healing takes place through guided imagery, memory processing (EMDR), integrative writing, and spiritual encounter for those who are comfortable bringing pain and dysfunction directly to Our Lord.

number 03


Seal with Virtue

symbol of resolved issue being anchored into heart with virtue, where a V symbol attaches to the Cross at the bottom to form an anchor symbol within the heart symbol

Finally, we seal in a new response to the problem issue. For example, anxiety is replaced with serenity, guardedness with genuineness, defensive conflict with mature communication.

What is the replacement approach you would like to have to the same situation moving forward? We’ll find (or receive) the insight and anchor it to a memory device so that you can continue to learn/develop virtue in that area.

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Frequently Asked Questions

These are commonly asked questions about therapy services.

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What is your fee for therapy sessions?

My fee varies based on session type, length, and client need. I offer automatic discounts to priests, religious, and missionaries (including FOCUS missionaries). I go over my current fees and payment in detail during the initial consultation.

How many sessions are typical?

The typical client attends 4 to 6 sessions for an experience that is brief and transformative. Some prefer a longer term relationship for ongoing support, or to work through more complex issues from childhood.

Can I use insurance to pay?

For a number of reasons I do not bill insurance directly for clients. However, I can send you a receipt that you can self-submit to insurance. Some plans provide out-of-network reimbursement for teletherapy sessions.

How frequently do we meet?

For a typical client, I recommend meeting once per week at first. Once we get some momentum, we can then space sessions out. However, I understand the need to space sessions out right away due to financial or time limitations.

Which is better - phone or Zoom?

Phone tends to be more reliable and convenient. Zoom offers a more personable face-to-face interaction. I find both to be just as effective as in-person therapy for most cases.

How is the Catholic Faith integrated?

I offer the opportunity to pray at the start of sessions and to use the resources of Faith as needed during the work. For those who are comfortable, more direct prayer and spiritual interventions during sessions may be fruitful.