Souls and Hearts Resource List

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Malinowski, Crete

List of content created by a couple of gifted Catholic psychologists.

Summary by:
Dr. Marcel Lanahan

Key Insights

  • We should take stock of our attachment to God - to each person of the trinity, and to Our Lady.
  • Our attachment style developed with our primary caregivers impacts these spiritual attachments, as well as formative religious experiences.

More about this resource

Explore a list of content created by bright, gifted Catholic therapists, who are also great communicators. This group has done a great job of integrating the Catholic worldview with recent approaches to working with the subconscious. These include parts work approaches, with a focus on Internal Family Systems and attachment theory (expanded into attachment to God and the Blessed Mother!).

Their content is ever expanding and becoming more comprehensive - dealing with topics such as scrupulosity, pornography addiction, marital healing, and trauma.

A highlight is their support community for people with more complex inner lives - who experience a greater degree of dissociation, or separation, between their parts of self. I know of no other Catholic support group for this community.