Key Points from Fr. Benedict Groeschel

John Collins

Learn some of Fr. Groeschel's key ideas from his longtime editor.

Summary by:
Dr. Marcel Lanahan

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This resource is a summary of key insights from Fr. Benedict Groeschel about the topic of spiritual growth, from his editor. It includes an overview of essential Catholic pathways toward spiritual growth.

  • A mature approach to religion involves a giant step toward transcendence of self, or death to self.
  • The childish impulse to control God by prayer and works () and the attempt of the adolescent mind to control him by speculation and understanding (O) must come to an end.
  • The fundamental anxiety () expressed by these two attitudes must be rooted out.

To grow spiritually, root out the ideas and emotions of our past that prevent us from meeting and seeing Christ as He really is. We must let all the parts of us that keep us from Christ fall away, so that our spiritual lives will grow unimpeded, so that we may know Christ now and in eternity.

Friendship with Christ leads us to a truly mature faith.

It is this friendship that opens us up to all that is good and gives us a criterion by which to distinguish the true from the false, and deceit from truth.