Dr Greg Bottaro on Narcissism in the Catholic Church

Dr. Greg Bottaro

Learn about a hidden problem that works against Church renewal from a Catholic Psychologist.

Summary by:
Dr. Marcel Lanahan

Key Insights

  • Bishop scandals are fueled by narcissistic personality disorder (NPD)
  • NPD is a pervasive and manipulative mental disorder
  • NPD affects many bishops and harms priests and laity
  • NPD is difficult to treat and requires removal of bishops
  • NPD hinders the renewal of the Church and its mission

Dr. Greg Bottaro, a catholic psychologist, argues that the root cause of the bishop scandals is not just sexual immorality, but a psychological disorder called narcissistic personality disorder (NPD). Dr. Bottaro describes the symptoms and effects of NPD, which include grandiosity, lack of empathy, rage, contempt, and insecurity. He claims that many bishops suffer from NPD and use their power and authority to exploit and abuse others, especially priests and religious. He says that there is almost nothing that can be done to help these bishops, except to take away their faculties and isolate them from potential victims. He also says that NPD prevents the Church from proclaiming the truth and fulfilling its mission. He calls for other bishops to stand up against their disordered brothers and for the faithful to trust in Christ’s victory.

Dr. Greg Bottaro's article is very direct and honest, and does not mince words. He uses strong language and blunt statements to expose the problem and demand action. For example, it says:

  • "This is what I want to blow the whistle on."
  • "Think Hannibal Lecter here."
  • "This is not only sinful, it is grossly, psychologically disordered."
  • "No one is actually talking yet about the things that need to change."