Unfolding Stories with Adam Young - Christian Therapist

Adam Young

Dive into Adam Young's podcast, 'The Place We Find Ourselves', with this insightful guide. Unpack key principles for effective story engagement to enhance your listening skills with others.

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Dr. Marcel Lanahan
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An Introduction to Adam Young's Podcast

Picture this: you're seated comfortably in your favorite chair, a cup of warm tea in your hand. The room is quiet...and all you can hear is the soft hum of your own breathing, and the distant chirping of birds. Then, you press play and Adam Young's voice fills the room, ready to take you on a journey through stories, trauma, and healing.

Welcome to "The Place We Find Ourselves" podcast.

Adam Young, a seasoned private practice therapist, is the mastermind behind this podcast. He invites us into a world where story, trauma, attachment, and interpersonal neurobiology intertwine, creating a tapestry of healing and restoration. With guest interviews and deep dives into the heart & mind's labyrinth, Adam helps us unravel the profound impact of trauma and abuse.

The Art of Engaging with Stories

One episode that stands out features Cathy Loerzel, where they delve into the art of engaging another person's story. They dispel the myth that this is a magical skill possessed by a select few, asserting that it can be learned, practiced, and refined.

Navigating Story Engagement: Adam Young's Principles

Adam goes further by listing some principles for effective story engagement on his website. The principles are as diverse as they are essential. Each one is a unique nugget of wisdom, a guidepost to effectively navigate the intricate paths of another person's story.

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Unpacking the Principles

Attunement, Principle 1, is likened to the tuning of an instrument, where being present and emotionally connected with the storyteller is prized over dazzling storytelling techniques.

In contrast, Principle 2 is a gentle whisper of a truth we often forget - kindness carries you further than any level of skill. Kindness and compassion can turn a simple interaction into a meaningful connection.

Principle 3 is a call to embody your emotions. It prompts us to be conscious of our physical sensations and emotions and to use this awareness as a bridge, linking us to the storyteller.

Principle 4 is like a lighthouse guiding a ship at sea...it urges us to keep a close eye on the storyteller's emotional state, ensuring our reactions are supportive and appropriate.

Turning to Principle 5, we find a reminder to tap into the creative, intuitive side of our brain when engaging with someone's story. It's an invitation to drop the shield of logic and analysis and tune into our emotions and intuition.

Principle 6 brings a certain humanness to the fore. It insists that human behavior isn't random but is motivated by reasons and circumstances. It's a plea for understanding and empathy.

Finally, Principle 7 underscores the significance of mending any fractures in the relationship. It's about bravely acknowledging misunderstandings or conflicts and taking steps to heal them, ensuring the bond with the storyteller remains unbroken.

The Transformative Power of Story Engagement

Each of these principles, unique in their essence, unifies under one mission - to forge a path toward engaging another's story with authenticity, compassion, and understanding.

Adam Young's podcast, "The Place We Find Ourselves", is a treasure trove of insights for anyone seeking to engage deeply and effectively with the stories of others. Whether you're a therapist, a counselor, or simply someone eager to connect on a deeper level, this podcast, and its guiding principles, is a remarkable resource worth exploring. So, get comfortable, press play, and let the journey begin.